Alpha Chi Omega

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What to expect during Recruitment

Recruitment Events 

Sorority Life 101: This is a new program that all potential new sorority members must attend if they are considering rush in the fall. This is a 4 week program offering 1 hour sessions 3 times a week, with each week representing a different aspect of Greek life at Bucknell and what it means to be a member of a sorority. It is an informational opportunity where potential new members can learn a bit more about sorority life and the obligations that come along with it. 

Open Suites: This is another wonderful opportunity to learn more about Greek life at Bucknell, except this time you get to meet the sisters of each sorority and chat with them! This event is not mandatory but is highly recommended because this gives you the opportunity to see each sorority on a more personal level - the space they live in and spend time with their sisters, etc. 

Keepin' It Cool With Alpha Chi: This year Alpha Chi hosted a recruitment event of our own in Hunt Formal called Keepin' It Cool With Alpha Chi. Typically, each sorority hosts their own recruitment event as a way to meet girls in a more relaxed, informal setting than Open Suites. Plus, there's food! And of course, great girls to meet and get to know a little better even before Open Suites. Make sure to stop by this event to indulge in some delicious Rita's water ice on April 20th in Hunt Formal!

Why Alpha Chi?

The best way to describe Alpha Chi is SPICY! We are a group of women who are passionate and enthusiastic academically, socially, and personally. Each member of Alpha Chi brings a different "spice" to the group, which makes it that much more fun to be a part of. What makes Alpha Chi Omega such a strong group of women is that we have this "zest" for life in everything that we do, which is something that drew all of our sisters to be in this sorority.